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Hello and welcome to Paul'S PC Repair, located in Sacramento, California. I run a full service mobile computer repair company.

You have come to the right place for the best computer repair service's as well as the lowest costing. I will meet and beat any competitors pricing. I can build, repair, and provide excellent technical support.

With over 10 years of experience of computer repair, support and knowledge with both hardware and software troubleshooting, no matter what type of pc such as tower's, laptop's, notebook's, Mac's, Iphone's, Ipod's, or tablet's, I can fix most devices.

I have worked in two computer shops over the years doing computer repair as well as providing technical support.

If you need a computer built, repaired, cleaned out from viruses, or files recovered after a catastrophic crash, I could do that.

Whether you need you a business machine fixed or maintained, or a small business network set up or maintained, I do that.

If you need a monthly or annual contract, I provide that as well.